At the heart of our company are three values that remain as true today as the day we wrote them in November 2003 when the company was founded…

- To lead on packaging and culinary Innovation.
- To be consistently better than our competitors for Quality in everything that we do and make.
- To provide our clients with exceptional levels of Customer Service.

It has always been our belief that the vital ingredient to our success are the colleagues that we work with at Monty’s Bakehouse and the way they come together as one team to ensure that we consistently deliver these three values that underpin everything we do for all our clients.

In 2004 we began our journey by developing a wide range of hot snack products for sports grounds such as Twickenham Rugby Club and Chelsea FC as well as Universities and office canteens.

It was at a rugby match that Air Canada came across one of our kiosks, exchanged a business card and invited us to take part in an airline-tender for their hot snack service across the UK and Europe. We took part and after many months of presentations and product development we went on to win the tender and secured our first airline supply contract. The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

Mercury Award winners for best airline food and beverage product of the year in 2007 as well as The Baker and The Grocer Awards followed and we were on our way to building the business we have today.

Fast forward to today and we are recognised as one of the leading innovators of high quality packaged food solutions for travel markets across the world with offices in the UAE and manufacturing sites across Europe and the Middle East.

Our airline product portfolio is now one of the broadest and most established across the world from Bakery, to Entrée Meals, Hot Pots, Patisserie, Desserts and of course Hot Snacks.

You will find our team of award winning chefs travelling the world researching and developing new ideas that our brand and packaging design teams then work with to create truly innovative solutions to meet every brief we are given.

In 2016 we moved to Priory Farm in the beautiful Surrey countryside perfectly positioned between London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports where we have built our new home comprising of a culinary development centre and offices.

In 2018 we took on additional space and opened our Innovation Centre with the sole purpose of fast-tracking product and packaging development in a state-of-the-art facility using the latest graphic design, packaging printing and forming technologies and techniques

But despite the growth we have enjoyed and the great offices where we work, very little has changed….

It’s our clients and our team that count and you will still find us beginning each day as we always have done with a tasting of everything we made the day before to ensure it’s quality is where it should be. We still huddle each morning to review the tasks we must complete to protect the service levels we want to consistently deliver to our clients and we meet constantly to review the latest packaging and culinary innovations that our Innovation Centre teams are developing.

Staying true to your beliefs counts.

Monty's Bakehouse Management Team

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