Welcome to a new world of innovative and sustainably packaged food-to-go solutions


Brand and Packaging Design

Innovation and creativity run through everything we do. By developing deep long lasting relationships with our clients we aim to instinctively understand your business needs. Our Brand and Packaging Design Teams then apply Insight from our global travel market network to consistently design beautiful brand and packaging solutions to meet the exacting standards our clients demand.


Culinary Innovation

Our in-house culinary team of internationally recognised Michelin trained chefs work alongside our clients using Insight into the latest food and packaging trends to develop award winning products and recipes that quickly become a memorable part of your customer and passenger journey.


Global Manufacturing

Through our global network of manufacturing units, we are able to cost effectively make and deliver the products we design for you and improve speed to market.


Worldwide Logistics

Inventory management and supply chain are vital to the success of our business and that of our clients. Monty’s Bakehouse has developed leading travel industry supply chain networks that are not only able to forecast, optimally schedule and track each consignment but are now recognised as one of the most compliant with UK/CAA & EU Airline Security Regulation requirements for airline product delivery.


Customer Service

Respected across the airline industry for exceptional customer service, innovation and reliability, Monty’s Bakehouse offers end-to-end product development,  manufacture and  service delivery solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs.