Monty's just got Mobile!
We have launched ourselves into the digital worlds of Facebook and Twitter, so now you can get regular updates on recipes, events and ideas, wherever you are! Post us your pictures, messages, silly facts or recipe ideas, and who knows - we may use them on a flight near you soon! Happy munching...!
Urgent Delivery..
By popular demand from our inflight logistics customers, Monty's Bakehouse Logistics officially launched in March 2011. With warehouses in the UK and Europe we are now able to deliver our snacks or anyone else's frozen foods to over 20 airports in the UK and Europe as well as the Middle East and USA. The clever bit is we have decided to go open book and make sure our clients can see what we are doing and share the savings being made.
Monty's Bakehouse win Customer Focus Award Our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do, so we are thrilled this has been recognised by the UK Baking Industry Awards 2011! Contact us for more information!