Shelagh Lennon

Project Office Manager

Shelagh joined Monty’s Bakehouse in October 2018, in the new role of Project Office Manager. Together with two Project Managers, she has responsibility for overseeing the company’s development life-cycle from a project perspective, to ensure that products are delivered to our clients in a timely, consistent and cost-effective way.

Part of Shelagh’s remit is to implement a robust project governance framework and methodology across the business and upskill all of us in the discipline of project management. Shelagh’s background is managing major IT / IS problems and incidents. Her experience as Global Service Desk Manager and Support Operations Manager – Group IS at Atkins and Head of IT Support and IT Service Desk Supervisor at Hyperion Insurance Group, is perfect for this position.

Strong team work and collaboration are essential to deliver the key activities in her role at Monty’s.

Her spare time is spent in more creative endeavours in particular gardening, learning to play the piano, cake baking and decorating and pursuing the perfect sour dough bread recipe – although we are yet to sample any outputs of her culinary exploits!