Monty’s Bakehouse launches Pop Pot Design


Welcome to our brand new sustainable concept for the food-to-go airline market. Our Pop Pot has been designed to cover a variety of criteria and to delight the customer in their dining experience, combining years of food service knowledge with the very latest in packaging design. The pot is available in a variety of serving sizes and can be easily adapted to suit different requirements.

How Does it Work?


The cabin crew will heat the Pop Pot before serving to the customer, and we are in the final stages of developing a sustainably sourced fork in a ovenable paper pocket that is contained in the lid of each Pop-Pot - eliminating the need for a separate cutlery bag and removing the need for film in this area. On opening, the warm food will ‘pop’ the sides of the container out - allowing the box to be pulled apart and convert into a user-friendly dish that allows for easy meal consumption.

How is it Sustainable?


The paper board itself is fully biodegradable with no glue used within the construction of the packaging. This means the board will easily decompose, which presents a fantastic story to the customer in-flight.

The board is also made from sustainable sources and is coated with a food-grade lining which bio-degrades along with the board.

Flavour Journey


In keeping with the sustainability of the Pop Pot packaging, our Culinary Experts have developed a delicious and nutritious vegan Pop Pot recipe: Your sample today is an ‘Ancient Grains and Pulled Sweet Potato Hot Salad’ - A rich roasted sweet potato on top of a wholesome bed of ancient grains, dressed in a zingy fresh lime & sweetcorn salsa. A truly exciting, flavoursome creation, not just ‘another boring salad’. Vegan food is gaining mass appeal. Veganuary participation hit a new record in 2019, vegan cafes and shops are popping up all over Bristol, Brighton and London and vegan versions of products are out-selling their original counterparts! 

To ensure we use the most in-vogue ingredients, our Insights & Culinary team analysed and sourced the menus of top restaurants in London, New York and Melbourne and have incorporated these into our whole Pop Pot range. For instance, ancient grains, especially quinoa was cited a phenomenal amount.  

Our research database also captures particular market trends that we then gear our innovation towards and indeed, ‘ancient grains’ are continuing to grow in popularity and have been applied across many product types from cereals to salads, because of their health benefits, interesting textures and complex flavours. 

So from our Ancient Grains Salads to a traditional Singapore Chicken Laksa – we’ve got the recipe covered.