Harry Crane

Programme Manager

Harry - brother of our CEO - has been with the company since the very early days, doing whatever was needed to get the business off the ground and support Matt in creating the business that we enjoy today.

This has included building our global logistics network, sales, account management and delivering strategic projects on behalf of the board of directors. Most recently, Harry has brought his attention for detail to bear, in implementing a secure supply chain for the business in the UK, Ireland and Europe. This supply chain is now fully compliant with European regulations and aviation authorities. This has been a hugely complex programme of work, which has taken over two years to complete and today we operate what we believe to be one of the most robust Security Programmes in our Industry.

When he isn’t at work, Harry likes spending time with his family. His other love is swimming and playing banjo and harmonica for his band 21 Whiskeys, which describes itself as a ‘Folk, Roots and Americana band,’ although for reasons we are not quite sure of they have yet to perform at one of our staff parties!