Our award-winning team of chefs have a clear vision of how to create the best tasting food on the move.

The talent of the Michelin trained team allows us to pioneer food trends into everything we do, whether you are looking to either broaden or develop your menus to elevate your customers dining experience.

Our product development and manufacturing expertise covers the entire inflight experience from entree meals and hot pots to desserts, hot snacks and patisserie. Scroll through our range below and contact us to find out more.

Handheld Snacks


We are famous for our range of innovative and high-quality handheld snack solutions which are packaged using fully biodegradable packaging board from sustainable sources, this delicious product range includes:
• Hot Breakfast Range
• Wraps
• Lattices
• Toasties
• Folded Pizzas
• Sliders
• Pies and pastry puffs
• Special Meal solutions including Frittatas


Hot Pots


Our continued drive to develop and use sustainable packaging wherever we can in our product development process has heavily influenced our approach to developing new products for Economy and Buy-On-Board meals as well as handheld snacks. By using paperboard instead of CPET or RPET plastics, we have designed an attractive range of tray and hot pot products to meet every serving occasion.

Hot Pots are in line with the latest global food trends and our range has been carefully created to include a wide selection of worldwide flavours with a pot size and recipe to suit every occasion.




Indulgent, decadent and beautifully presented – just what any dessert should be and our mouth-watering sweet selection will keep you coming back for more. Each dessert is handcrafted and available to you as a potted sweet or plated dessert.

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