Spicy Chicken

Our talented teams of REAL CHEFS spend their days seeking out the simplest most natural and delicious ingredients.

About our Spicy Chicken

Our neatly folded pizza uses a premium dough that is generously layered with a fresh tomato base and a heavenly mozzarella, vegetarian or meat filling before being carefully tucked away into its very own great fitting, yet easy-to-hold tear box.

USP's: Spicy Chicken

The base folded around the topping creates a snack that is perfect for eating on the move
Versatile and flexible snack
Internationally recognised

Technical Info on Spicy Chicken

Technical Information
Shelf Life Stored and distributed frozen, 12 months from date of manufacturer
Weight 120g
Units per Case 40
Cases per Euro Pallet 100
Contains Nuts
Fully biodegradable packaging from Monty's Bakehouse. Safer for the environment Heat-in-Pack Monty's Bakehouse. Travel with taste!

Allergen Advice for our Spicy Chicken

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